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    If you have a long narrow nose or a wide flat nose, rhinoplasty might be the procedure for you! This procedure can make your nose look more proportionate and improve your facial appearance.

    Want to look your best? Do you need to change the shape of your nose, have a revision of a prior rhinoplasty in Istanbul, or want to make sure your nose looks more beautiful? You may need a nose job due to a congenital disability, injury, or other problem. Or maybe you want to make your nose look better and more proportionate with surgery. Whatever your reason, the rhinoplasty procedure is the only way to achieve your desired shape.

    What is Rhinoplasty?

    Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that reshapes the nose to improve its appearance. It can be performed to correct a deviated septum, narrow or bulbous tip, and change the size and shape of the nostrils.

    Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Turkey is a common procedure that can be performed on men and women, and there are many different ways you can do it. This procedure can help you achieve the nose shape you’ve always wanted! This procedure can make your nose look more proportionate and improve your facial appearance.

    The nose is a very sensitive area. The surgeon will remove cartilage and reshape the bones of the nose. The cartilage is taken from the nasal septum, connecting the two nostrils. It is usually performed in the outpatient setting. You should expect to experience some discomfort and swelling after the surgery.

    Types of Rhinoplasty

    Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

    The goal of cosmetic rhinoplasty is to make the nose look and function better. Many patients are enthusiastic about nose surgery to improve their physical appearance or boost their self-esteem.

    Nose reshaping procedures, such as narrowing the dorsal width or shortening the nostril spread, are among our surgeons’ specialties, and they have extensive training and experience in these procedures. In most cases, the cost of cosmetic rhinoplasty is not covered by health insurance.Rhinoplasty in Istanbul can be performed for many reasons, but it is most commonly used to improve appearance. Some common reasons include correcting facial structure or increasing the size of the nose.

    Functional Rhinoplasty

    Some patients with sinus and migraine headaches and those who have difficulty breathing may benefit from functional rhinoplasty, which aims to improve both the structure and function of the nose. Many procedures can be paired with a cosmetic operation, such as Septoplasty (straightening the nasal septum) or nasal fracture repair. A deviated nasal septum may or may not necessitate the repair of nasal valve dysfunction (vestibular stenosis).

    In addition to restoring the patient’s nasal airway’s functionality, our surgeons are also dedicated to enhancing the patient’s look. You can often improve the nose’s look by addressing issues with its function. Septoplasty,  repair of a fractured nasal bone, and repair of a blocked nasal valve may all be covered by insurance for patients with a nasal injury, deformity, or dysfunction.

    How to Prepare for Surgery

    For ten days before surgery, patients should abstain from aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, and some biologics, all of which cause bleeding. It is also important to avoid fish oil, vitamin E and ginseng pills, Ginkgo Biloba, and ginger. Having a friend or relative drive you to and from surgery is a good idea.

    What to Expect in the Surgery

    The surgical process and recovery time for functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty are similar. Two to four hours is average for a rhinoplasty procedure. Because it is commonly performed as an outpatient elective operation, a night in the hospital is not required. You can alleviate any post-operative pain by taking oral medications as needed.

    In most rhinoplasties and septorhinoplasties, an “open” procedure is used. A curved incision is made inside each nostril, and the two incisions are joined across the skin. Centrally located incisions are purposefully designed to be less noticeable. You can easily manipulate the underlying cartilages and bones in an open procedure.

    The cartilage from the rib or the ear can be used in some cases. Behind the ear, a tiny incision is made to harvest ear cartilage. The ear tip may remain numb for three to four months as a result. A minor incision under the breast can be used to harvest rib cartilage if it is required.

    For roughly a week following surgery, soft plastic inserts, Doyle splints are often sutured into the nose. It is no longer essential to use long gauze strips to compress the nose. You can use a saline spray several times to clean and soothe the splint. It is also not uncommon to use an external brace or splint. The purpose is to help keep the nasal bones in their proper positions. In most cases, the stitches utilized are biodegradable. A straight septum is a result of these measures.

    Complications of Rhinoplasty

    After surgery, some individuals report feeling nauseous. Anesthesia or narcotic pain medication may be to blame for this side effect. Constipation and itching are two more possible side effects of narcotics. In the first 48 hours of surgery, patients should take painkillers and paracetamol on an alternate schedule and only use a narcotic for “breakthrough” pain.

    Nasal surgery is typically considered to be a relatively safe procedure. Touch-up surgery is required when the cartilage deviates, which is uncommon. When perforation occurs, bleeding, roaring, and crusting might occur. The problem is fixable. An emergency call to the surgeon’s office is sometimes necessary due to bleeding after surgery.


    Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Turkey can improve the overall shape of the nose, but it can also help patients correct problems such as a deviated septum, large nostrils, or bulbous tip. It can also make breathing easier by improving the size and position of the nasal passages. If you have a crooked nose, you may be unhappy with the way your nose looks. Rhinoplasty can help you with that. Your rhinoplasty surgeon will discuss your options and give you an idea of what to expect during the procedure.

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