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    This breast lifting procedure is designed to help improve the look of sagging breasts. It is a quick and simple surgical technique that involves pulling the skin tighter and removing excess skin to give your breasts a more youthful appearance. The incision is made inside of the bra, usually under the armpit.

    If you’ve been struggling to find the right bra size or want to boost your confidence, this breast surgery may be the answer. This surgery is done with a plastic surgery technique, called a mastopexy, which is the surgery of the breast and nipple area. The surgery involves cutting out excess tissue and reshaping the breast area to bring it into proportion with the rest of your body. It is usually done to improve the shape and appearance of the breasts.

    What is Breast lifting?

    Breast lifting surgery in Istanbul Turkey is a procedure in which your breasts are reshaped and enlarged to create an appearance that’s more proportionate to your body. The results of this procedure can make your breasts look larger and more proportional. It can also improve the size of your nipples and give you a more feminine shape.

    What should you do to prepare for your Mastopexy surgery?

    During your appointment, it’s critical, to be honest with your doctor about your objectives and listen to their suggestions and recommendations. In terms of acceptable breast shape and size, each doctor, every surgeon, for that matter–has a unique point of view.

    The doctor can inspect and examine your breasts in either position, whether you are seated or standing. They will address the factors that may influence the operation as your age, the shape and texture of your chests, and the quality of your skin–as well as whether or not an implant is necessary or whether or not you should have one. It would help if you also talked about where nipple and areola will be placed; they will be elevated throughout the process and should be near although with the furrow under your breast during the consultation.

    Your doctor should discuss the implementation in full, including the dangers and restrictions of the procedure and the damage that will occur as a result of the surgery. Also included in this discussion should be information on the type of anesthetic to use, the kind of place where you will do the operation, and the fees associated with the procedure.

    But do not be afraid to ask your surgeon any inquiries you might have had, particularly if they pertain to your aspirations and worries about just the procedure results.

    Planning for Your Surgical Procedure

    Preoperative mammography (breast x-ray) may be required by your surgeon, according to your income and family history of cancer. You’ll also receive precise guidelines on preparing for surgery, including recommendations on what to consume, how much to smoke, and whether to take or avoid specific vitamins and drugs. Keep in mind to make arrangements for anyone to bring your home following your surgery and to provide assistance for another few days afterward, should you require it.

    Why do you need Breast Lift surgery?

    Your breast lift in Istanbul Turkey procedure may be carried out at a hospital, an emergency operation center, or in the office of a surgeon. It is frequently performed as an outpatient procedure to keep costs down and provide convenience. If you’re taken to the doctor as a patient, you can anticipate being there for one or two days at the most.

    Anesthesia Comes in a Variety of Forms

    Breast lifts in Istanbul are often performed on patients, which means that you will be asleep throughout the procedure. You’ll be alert but calm, and you’ll experience just mild irritation. A local anesthetic and a sleeping medication may be used in certain sick people when the surgeon makes a tiny wound during surgery.

    The Breast Lift Surgery Mastopexy procedure typically takes between one and a half and three and a half hours to complete. There are many various techniques to choose from. However, the most frequent one is an alignment incision that follows the natural curve of the breast.

    The incision identifies the areas from which the breast skin will be excised, and the new location of the nipple after the procedure is completed. As soon as the extra skin has been eliminated, the nipple and areola are elevated to a more comfortable posture. The skin around the areola is then pushed down and together to contour the chest. Stitches are typically placed all around the areola in a vertical line that extends downward from the nipple area, or across the lower creases of the breast, among other places.

    Some patients, particularly those with relatively tiny breasts and minor drooping, may be eligible for simplified treatments that require fewer incisions and less time in the operating room. Among these procedures is the doughnut (also known as concentric) mastopexy, which involves making circular incisions around the areola and removing a doughnut-shaped portion of skin from the areola.

    Suppose you are getting an implant placed in conjunction with the breast lift in Turkey. In that case, this will be put in a pocket immediately underneath the breast tissue or deeper underneath the chest wall muscles, depending on your preference.

    Surgical Procedure

    Following surgery, you’ll be required to wear an adjustable bandage or a surgical bra over gauze bandages for many days. It is normal for your breasts to feel bruised, swollen, and unpleasant for the first few days after surgery, but the pain should not be severe. If you do have discomfort, drugs given by your surgeon can alleviate it.

    You will change the dressings or surgical bra with a soft, supportive bra to provide additional comfort within several days. Within a week or two, the stitching will be extracted. More than a layer of gauze, you’ll have to use this all-around bra time for three weeks to see results.

    If your chest skin is extremely dry after surgery, you can use a moisturizer many times a day to help it recover. Keep the moisturizer away from the stitch regions and avoid tugging at your skin when performing the procedure.

    Because of the swelling that will occur following surgery, you should expect some loss of sensation in your nipples and breast skin. This numbness normally resolves over six to eight weeks as the swelling decreases in size. On the other hand, some patients may experience it for a year or longer, and in some cases, it may be lifelong.

    Returning to Normal Healing is a long and drawn-out process. Even though you’d be up and also about in the next day or two, don’t expect to be back at work for at least a week, if not longer, based on how you think. Also, refrain from lifting anything heavier than three to four pounds for four weeks. If you notice any strange symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact your surgeon immediately.

    Your doctor will provide you with extensive instructions on how to return to your routine activities after surgery. The surgeon may tell you to refrain from sexual activity for a week or longer and from participating in strenuous sports for around a month. Afterward, when, you can gradually resume your previous activities. When you become pregnant after having the procedure, it is unlikely to interfere with your capacity to breastfeed because your milk ducts and nipples would be left in place.

    Your New Looks

    Your doctor will strive to ensure that your scars are as unobtrusive as possible after surgery. Nonetheless, it is vital to understand that mastopexy scars are substantial and permanent. They frequently remain chunky and red for several months before gradually becoming less noticeable, and in some cases, eventually disappearing completely into thin white lines. Luckily, scars may typically be placed so that you can wear even reduced clothes without feeling self-conscious.

    A breast lift in Turkey will not keep you firm indefinitely; gravity, pregnancies, aging, and weight changes will all ultimately take their toll on your appearance again. Women who receive breast implants in conjunction with a breast lift may notice that the results remain longer.

    If you have a complete understanding of the surgery and then if your goals are reasonable, you are more likely to be satisfied with the results of your breast lift.

    Surgery-related complications

    1. Scars

    As a result of the procedure, there will be visible scars. For the first year or so, they’ll be red, then purple, then fade to a milder shade over the next year or so. It is possible that scars will worsen over time, and you will require surgery to make them smaller, less red, and less painful.

    2. Bleeding

    You may require a blood transfusion or another operation (or both) to halt the bleeding if you experience excessive bleeding. Any post-surgical bleeding is more likely to occur within a few hours of the procedure. To reduce the risk of blood clots, keeping your blood pressure under control before the procedure is vital.

    3. Infection

    The risk of infection increases if you have discharge from your nipple, the risk of infection increases; therefore, tell your surgeon about it before the operation. If the wound becomes infected, you may require antibiotics or another surgical procedure. Because of this, the eventual outcome of the procedure may be affected.

    4. Discoloration of the skin and a feeling of discomfort

    After the operation, the breasts will be swollen and bruised, which can take several weeks to go away. Long-term pain is possible but rare.

    5. Seroma

    In the breast, this is where excess fluid gathers. There may be a need to drain that fluid by having a needle pierce the skin or undergoing another procedure. Because of this, the eventual outcome of the procedure may be affected.

    6.Taking care of issues

    Smokers are more prone to complications in healing. The scar can fall apart at the ends of the wound. You may require more surgeries to correct the tissue that hasn’t healed to fix this problem.

    7. Extrusion

    It’s at this area where the sutures protrude from the skin. These can be removed with ease.

    8.Skin, fat, breast tissue, or the nipple loses blood supply

    If the blood supply is disrupted during surgery, necrosis may occur in some areas of skin, fat, breast tissue, or the nipple. That could necessitate an additional procedure, which could alter the overall outcome of the surgery. A necropsied area may have a lumpy or uneven appearance. Fat can sometimes solidify, causing problems with subsequent mammograms.

    9. Sensation heightened or diminished.

    In most cases, the nipples will either become numb or become more or less tingly after the surgery, with numbness most typically occurring near the scar. The change in sensation may be permanent in some people. Breastfeeding might be affected by diminished feeling in some cases.

    10. Asymmetry

    Scars can have abnormalities at their ends. The breasts are not symmetrical in this case. You can wait for them to go away on their own, or you can have a minor operation to fix them.

    11. Infrastructural harm

    Despite its rarity, the surgery can harm deeper systems such as nerves, blood vessels and muscles. This harm could be short-lived or long-term, depending on the severity.

    12. Failure to meet expectations

    Sometimes, breast lift patients are dissatisfied with the outcome of their procedure. That could be because the breasts don’t satisfy their appearance, feel, or shape expectations. If you want a specific size or form, you should discuss it with your surgeon in advance of surgery to ensure that you can reach that goal safely and successfully.

    13. Over time, things evolve.

    The look of your breasts will vary as you age, become pregnant, or lose or gain weight, all of which have nothing to do with your operation. You may require additional surgery or other treatments to preserve the results of your breast uplift procedure.

    14. Allergic

    A few reports of allergic responses to tape, sutures, or other remedies have been reported. An allergic reaction may necessitate additional medical attention.


    Breast lifts in Istanbul for women who are unhappy with the shape of their breasts. With this procedure, we smooth out the chest and improve the contour of the breasts. Your best bet is to consult with a breast surgeon who will help you determine if breast lifting is the best solution for you.

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