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    Many women face difficulties in their life due to their breast size. They find it difficult to do everyday mundane activities and feel uncomfortable in their skin. To ease their discomfort, they can opt for breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction improves breast appearance, making them lighter and smaller. It can help improve the quality of your life with less pain and breast size that suits your lifestyle.

    If you want to get breast reduction surgery, it’s important to find a good plastic surgeon to do the procedure as it has its risk like any other surgical procedure. This surgery should only be performed by a professional plastic surgeon.

    What is Breast Reduction

    Breast reduction is also called reduction mammoplasty. It is a surgical procedure to remove excess breast skin, fat, and tissue to reduce the size of breasts. It helps you to achieve your ideal breast size in proposition with your body. Women that undergo breast reduction surgery feel an increase in self-esteem and confidence after the procedure. According to a study, about 95% of patients of breast reduction surgery are said to be satisfied with their results. This proves that breast reduction is indeed an effective procedure to boost your confidence and overall physical health.

    Why it’s Done

    Exceptionally large breasts can cause various health complications and poor quality of life. Many women undergo breast reduction surgery to resolve the following issues:

    • Neck pain
    • Back pain and shoulder pain that needs to be eased by pain medications
    • Inability to run and exercise comfortably
    • Restricted lifestyle
    • Chronic rashes
    • Skin Irritation under breasts
    • Difficulty finding bras and clothes that fit
    • Poor body image due to large breasts

    Contrary to popular belief, women are not the only ones that can have breast reduction surgery. Some men with a medical condition called gynecomastia can also have breast reduction surgery. Gynecomastia is a medical condition in which people who are assigned male at birth develop abnormally large breasts. Such patients can opt for breast reduction to improve their body image and confidence.

    Who Should Avoid a Breast Reduction Procedure

    Breast reduction surgery is generally not recommended if you are obese, have diabetes, or have heart disease. Breast reduction surgery should be avoided if you don’t want a scar on your breasts as this procedure does involve scarring.

    If you planning to lose weight, you should postpone your breast reduction surgery until you are done losing weight. In some cases, weight loss can cause a decrease in breast size and you may not even need breast reduction surgery at all.

    Breastfeeding can be difficult after getting breast reduction surgery. So, if you want to start a family or your family is not complete yet and you want more children, postpone your breast reduction surgery for now. You can have it after your family is complete.

    What Happens During a Breast Reduction Consultation

    Before getting the surgery, you will need to consult with your surgeon. Your surgeon will inquire about your medical history, whether you had any prior breast surgery or any breast lump. You will be asked about your smoking habits, your allergies, or any medication you may be taking. If you are a smoker, you will be advised to quit smoking for a short while before the surgery. Limiting your smoking habit will not help. You have to completely cut it off before your breast reduction surgery as smoking can cause complications during surgery.

    Your surgeon will assess your physical and mental health to see if you are fit to undergo surgery. If you want to get breast reduction surgery, be prepared for a few emotional questions too. Your doctor will inquire about your reason for opting for this procedure, how your breasts made you feel, what type of impacts your breast size had on you physically, what type of symptoms you have struggled with. These are a few common questions asked from breast reduction patients.

    To better assess your condition, your surgeon will measure your breast size. They may take pictures too. During this time, your doctor will discuss with you how much tissue will be removed to acquire your desired result. They may guide you on how to prepare for your surgery and how to take care of yourself after surgery. You may need to get a mammogram or a breast exam before the surgery.

    How To Prepare For a Breast Reduction Surgery

    You need to let your doctor know about any herbal supplements or medications you may be taking. You may need to stop taking certain medications such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs to avoid any unnecessary complications during surgery. It is better to stop taking any herbal supplements before surgery as they can cause excessive bleeding during surgery.

    You are advised to refrain from any strict diet before surgery. You need to take proper, well-balanced meals to ensure proper healing.

    Establishing a Home Recovery Area

    Before going into surgery, it is highly recommended to set up a recovery area to ensure a speedy recovery. Your recovery area needs:

    • Plenty of ice.
    • Pain medications recommended by your doctor.
    • Anti-biotic medicine if your surgeon advises to take them.
    • Gauze and clean washcloths.
    • Telephone within reach of your recovery area.
    • Any special ointments or medications prescribed by your surgeon.
    • Loose t-shirts and blouses.
    • Surgical bras.
    • Magazines, television, or any other means of entertainment in case you get bored.

    It is also advised to call any family member or friend to pick you up after the surgery. They may stay with you for at least the first night after the procedure.

    Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure in Istanbul Turkey

    Depending on your condition, you may be admitted for one night or you may be treated as an outpatient. Before the procedure, you will be put under general anesthesia to keep you unconscious during the procedure.

    The procedure itself can last from two to five hours depending on how much fat or tissue needs to be removed or the shape and the size of your breasts. Breast reduction surgery has three main types:

    Anchor, Inverted-T Breast Reduction

    This is the best and most common breast reduction procedure done on patients in Istanbul Turkey. As the name gives a clue, the incision is made around the areola which continues vertically down the lower half of the breast then an incision is made horizontally along with the breast. This is called the inverted-T method.

    This method allows the surgeon full control of your breast size and proportion to remove any excess fat and tissue from your breast. However, this versatile technique has a major drawback. It produces a large scar that can be easily noticed by the patients. So, if you don’t want a prominent scar, it is advised to consult your surgeon about a different technique.

    Vertical or Lollipop Breast Reduction

    Vertical breast reduction is another breast reduction technique popular among women. In this method, an incision is made around the areola which continues vertically down until the lower half of the breast that leads to its name “Lollipop breast reduction”. In some cases, an incision might be made horizontally along the breast crease.

    This method is proven to give long-term breast shape and is effective among women with mild to moderately larger breasts. It is not ideal for women with excessively larger breasts.

    Although this method offers less control to the surgeon, it produces a smaller scar. So, it is ideal for women who are hesitant to try the anchor technique.

    Liposuction or Virtually Scarless Breast Reduction

    This technique makes the use of liposuction to reduce the size of breasts. In this method, two small incisions are made on the breast crease which will be hidden under the breasts. So, the scar won’t be much visible which is its greatest advantage.

    Since the technique used is liposuction, only breast fat can be removed. The surgeon would not know how much of your breast is tissue and fat until during the surgery. This can lead to disappointing results. This technique only reduces the size of the breasts and does not produce a lift which is another disadvantage.

    However, liposuction breast reduction is ideal for women with little to no breast drooping who want a small amount of breast weight removed.

    Hence, it is important to know what kind of breast reduction result you desire. You should consult with your surgeon about your desired result. Your surgeon will guide you on what type of technique will work best for you.


    After the surgery, you may suffer from pain, swelling, and bruising. You will be prescribed pain medications by your surgeon to deal with the pain. Your surgeon might use drainage tubes to eliminate excess fluid and reduce swelling. The drainage tubes will be removed after a few days.

    To reduce tension, your breast will be bandaged and supported by a surgical bra. You may feel tired during the first few weeks due to the use of pain medication. You should rest as much as possible because your body is in the process of healing. The weariness will eventually go away with time. However, you are encouraged to walk small distances daily.

    Like any other surgery, you will suffer from bruising and scarring. The bruises will heal as time passes. Your plastic surgeon will try their best to reduce scarring as much as they can. The scar will eventually fade a little as time goes by.

    Your skin might suffer from dryness. Remember to moisturize your body but keep the suture area dry. You may also check your suture region daily for signs of infection.

    Recovery Time

    Every patient recovers on their own time depending on the extent of the procedure done on them. You must plan on missing work for the first week after the surgery. After the second week, you may be able to resume your daily activities. The patient will feel weary after the procedure. Your full energy will be restored after a month and you may go back to your daily life. If you have dissolvable stitches, they should also be gone by then.

    Avoid lifting anything for the first two weeks. After three to four weeks, avoid lifting anything above the level of your head to endure full healing.

    Your doctor will advise you to wait for at least five weeks before you decide to go swimming or exercise. After the sixth month, you should be able to wear your favorite bra. You will also be able to sleep on your stomach by then.

    Risk and Complications

    Every surgery has its risk. Breast reduction surgery can have the following complications:

    • Infection
    • Loss of sensation in nipples
    • Side effects of anesthesia ( the medication used to put you to sleep during surgery)
    • Bleeding
    • Blood clots
    • Swelling and bruising
    • Rupture of blood vessels, nerves, other parts of the body
    • Inadequate healing
    • The need for another surgery due to certain complication
    • Temporary areas of numbness
    • Permanent scar
    • Irregularly shared breasts or nipples

    Contact your doctor right away if you experience

    • Unusual discharge around the incision site
    • Infection
    • Fever
    • Enlargement of one or both breasts along with pain and pressure
    • Any stitches come out before they are supposed to be removed

    Breast Reduction Cost In Istanbul Turkey

    The cost of breast reduction may vary from clinic to clinic in Istanbul. The overall price of breast reduction surgery is low in turkey as compared to other countries like the U.K etc. This is due to the government subsidies, domestic medical equipment usage, differences in purchasing power parity, and competition among the clinics.

    Does Insurance Cover Breast Reduction Surgery?

    The good news is insurance does cover breast reduction surgeries as long as you meet certain requirements. The main requirement for an insurance-covered breast reduction is that the surgery is deemed medically necessary. So, your chances of getting insurance coverage are fairly good. Your insurance carrier will consider the amount of tissue to be removed from each breast so be sure to communicate with your carrier early on and provide all the relevant details regarding medical expenses.

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